I am a researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR, in Rome. You can look at my publications, or at my curriculum vitae, or contact me: giovanni.pezzulo(AT)istc.cnr.it I got a degree in Philosophy of Science and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology. My interests are both theoretical and computational, with several topics: anticipation and anticipatory behavior (in the framework of the EU funded project MindRACES); cognitive architectures (trying to bridge sensorimotor interaction with high-level cognitive capabilities such as practical reasoning); goal-oriented behavior; representations (theoretical and computational models); motivations (and their roles in determining behavior); decision making (theoretical and computational models, some experimental work).

Monday, 5 February 2007

anticipatory emotions

[...] embodied systems receive information also from their body and can use this input for an emotional control of their autonomous behaviour. The project will focus on the role of anticipatory emotions such as fear, hope, anxiety in integration with other domains of functioning (Motivation, Cognition, Behaviour) and more generally on the anticipatory character of the emotional response [...]

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